A Voice from The Recovering Heart

The hardest part in a relationship is the aftermath, when one of the couple dropped the bomb that they should stop seeing each other. In this case, I’m the bomb receiver.

Three months have passed from that bitter night, when he picked me up from work. Instead of going out for our dinner as promised, he pulled up at my place and coldly told me to cut the relationship. Nothing can accurately describe what I felt that night. Devastation? Anger? Confusion?

I didn’t cry that night, but the pain remains here in my heart whenever I think  that moment.

Today, I had just returned his clothes from my place. I guess it’s a sign I give myself to move on. I have been waiting for the moment that he asked for them himself, at least it could be our conversation starter, but that never comes. So instead of feeling sad looking at those unworn (and unwanted) clothes, I just decided I have enough of him.

I know he won’t be reading this. Which makes me brave enough to write it out.


Dear T,

1. You don’t know how much I have been thinking about you. The first one month was a hell as I feel so unwanted. Whenever I study, read, sleep, hang out to a birthday party, I still think of you.

2. I don’t want to sound desperate and weak, so I never tell no 1 to you. I hate the fact that I’m dying here while you are standing still emotionless like a statue.

3. I hate how you say that I love you more than you love me. It’s condescending, but at the same time, I hate it because I know that is true.

4. There are many guys lining up to date me, but why aren’t you one of those guys?

5. We are never too close for you to know my deep dark secrets, which I am glad I never told you. Those secrets are a part of me that you will never find out.

6. Here’s a long one. Every thoughts in my mind have been mostly preoccupied by you. Which makes it scary, because the more I think of you, the more unrealistic it will be. I am in love with my own fantasy and idealism about you. My heart is stubborn. It likes to block negative feelings (the heartbreak) but it doesn’t think of the consequences (that you will break my heart once again). Today, I have been telling my brain to think about all your negativeness to neutralise the unrealistic puppy love that my heart is fantasising. So recently, I have just found out that I am NOT in love with you, I’m in love with my own fantasy.

7. I keep posting all those amazing photos just to show you that my life can still be happening, even without you in it. And there you are, sitting on your office desk (congratulations for your promotion, btw). We both have moved on, and I just want you to know that I learnt and experienced better things in life right after you dumped me.

8. Those sentences are vain. And I would never say that to you because I don’t want to sound weak and defenceless. I don’t want you to know that you have power over me, although maybe you know already. I don’t want to feed your ego, because you don’t deserve that after you dumped me.

9. I thought I would never be able to love again. But I found a group of friends that always spend time with me. They are amazing and we explore lots of thing together. More importantly, they teach me how to love once again, and to let go of you. You don’t deserve the right to come back to the amazing story of my life.


when I gave you that bag of clothes, I told myself that this is the end. No more heartbreak, no more connection, no more memories. Let this be the last memory we have.

The bomb you gave me almost exploded and ruined my life. But the fire dissipated, just like my feelings.

I have shut down my feelings for you.

Good bye.



Sell Me This Pen!


(head straight to the story)

Here’s the simple sales framework I used to answer “sell me this pen”. Memorize it for yourself.

  1. Find out how they last used a pen (gather info)
  2. Emphasize the importance of the activity they last used a pen (respond to info)
  3. Sell something bigger than a pen, like a state of mind (deliver info)
  4. Ask for the buy (closing)


Travelling Dream

Ever since I met this Norwegian guy, I began to dream of travelling to European countries. My goal was to visit him in Norway, of course. But I also want to explore the neighbouring countries and marvel in the beauty of the nature that I can’t witness in this equatorial region (Indonesia, Singapore, Australia). 

1. Norway

Holmenkollbakken Ski Jump

Despite the fact that I’ve never done skiing before, I would love to go to that place and learn how to do it. Maybe stay there for 6 months to learn how to ski. And if I’m qualified enough, I’d love to climb up to the 60 metres jump tower and enjoy the spectacular view of Oslo and the Oslofjord. 

The Bergen Railway

There’s nothing much to do in Norway, really. But the view was stunning. I won’t mind exploring the areas and enjoying the scenery. It would be even better if you have a friend to come along with you. 



2. Ireland–>Reykjavik

The Blue Lagoon

Immerse myself in the Blue Lagoon, interact with the locals, maybe taste a little bit of the water (If it’s harmful, they won’t let you swim in it, right? And anyway if you are to dive in the water, sooner or later the water will go into your mouth). Wear a goggles and try to see underwater.

Aurora Borealis-Northern Lights

I would love to just camp outside, sleep and glare at the lights on the sky shifting colours. Sit together with a friend around a camp fire. Bring a book perhaps so I can sketch what I had just seen.  


3. Germany

Haven’t actually researched much. But would love to go to their skull church. Try their different cheap beers! 



4. England

Talk in British accent. Listen and absorb as much posh accent as possible. Sounds really shallow but whatever. I love their accents. 


5. Paris

Walk to a random hot guy and kiss them in the cheek. A more adventurous mood will let me to kiss them directly in the mouth. :*



On a different note, I would also state my biggest nature-ish dream that will be less probably happen in the European countries:



But I know it’ll happen soon. Keep dreaming and saving. One day, I will go there!



8 Reasons It’s Okay To Be Single

I feel so much better after reading this blog. Well written 🙂


With Valentine’s Day having just passed, we’ve all been witness to self-loathing Facebook statuses about being single, but this doesn’t just happen because of the holiday.

I find often times the perception in society is that if you’re single, you’re unhappy – and if you’re in a relationship, you’re automatically happy.

Given how many people live fulfilling single lives and how many people settle into the wrong relationships, this is not always the case.

Here are 8 reasons it’s okay to be single.


It shows you don’t lower your standards.

Many people think that if you’re single, it means you can’t find someone. But, in reality it’s smarter to wait for the right person to come along, than to settle for all of the wrong ones. Give yourself a pat on the back for committing to this.

It gives you time to learn about yourself.

The most important relationship you’ll…

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Shaping Up

I always let my daily lives passed by without doing any exercise 😦

So I was really inspired by this image



And so today I tried to do a 45 minutes exercise and I sweat a lot. It was really effective, and I suggest everyone (including myself in the future) to do this regularly, at least 2x a week! Do it in the evening coz you can then relax and sleep soundly at night after the exercise 🙂

I don’t need to go to the gym anymore and this exercise only takes 45 minutes! Wohho! I can save my money and my time. And it shapes my body too!

Be fit!